Humble beginnings: Hao Yuan's story began in September 2021 with a one-kilo roaster that he acquired as the final piece to his coffee set-up and the finishing touch to an integrated approach to derive the perfect cup. He saw an opportunity to be in a position to be able to deliver truly great, and customisable, coffee to the ones around him. So, he started Zero coffee.

Zero coffee's mission is to live up to the original definition of "Specialty coffee" as introduced by industry pioneer Erna Knutsen in 1974 to describe high-quality coffee with unique flavour profiles, start from scratch and build towards making specialty-grade coffee accessible to family and friends. He believes quality isn't about how much coffee costs. It's about knowing how your coffee was produced and using your sensory elements to focus on the flavours in each cup of brewed coffee, detaching any form of monetary value in that process. 

At Zero coffee, every bag of bean is sourced, roasted, prepared with a great deal of care and packed with the end receiver in mind. He hopes to introduce a different coffee experience with quality coffee while retaining that sense of familiarity.